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i’m not yoona, of course.

ni putu ermina saraswati . february 20th, 2000 . o blood .

call me saras. shining bright like diamond, work-harder like athlete. runner and always be runner. gryffindor team. 

i’ve been falling crazy in love with Mark Lee but it’s hard to choose when every boys try to get my heart. alright, i am multi-fandom.

SONE. Cupcakes. Golden Star. Carat

( )

遠く離れていても 目を閉じれば ほら, 心はそばにいる

all my love is for you.

[ s t a t u s ] : single crushing waiting takenmarriedjones
[ i d e a l t y p e ] : Should i choose one when i can get all i want?
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