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[Drabble-Mix] Happy New Year! (Vol.3)

elfxotic12152  present

20 short films with Monsta X & Seventeen X readers

Romance, slight!Fluff, slight!Comedy, slight!Sad, Friendship |  Drabbles (100 Ws) | General


Ini sudah  tahun 2017!

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Irritated Sister


Why are you a completely different person towards me when we’re in public?



Seventeen’s Jun/Junhui | A girl | Family!AU | Drabble | prompt from here | gif by anyone who claims it


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[Drabble-Mix] U(s)ntitled


by jojujinjin (@sanhaseyo on Twitter)


starring Seventeen and You

13 drabble(s) // G // School-Life, Slice of Life, Fluff, Friendship, Romance // these are all prompter-fic, the prompt(s)? here!!!


....since 'you and me' became 'us', and 'us' became everything.


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[Vignette] On the Train

On the Train


A New Storyline by peperomint

Cast Seventeen members | Genre AU, friendship | Duration vignette (1555w) | Rating G


“Aku yakin kalian telah menantikan liburan ini, bukan? Jadi nikmatilah perjalanan ini sepenuh hati.”

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[Drabble(s)] Seventeen’s Playlist


bangsvt’s proudly present

Drabble-MixㅡSeventeen’s Playlist
Starring: Seventeen’s Member


Romance, Friendship, School, slight Comedy, Slice Of Life, Song Fic
Sebuah cerita yang mengisahkan kisah member Seventeen melalui sepenggal lirik lagu yang ada di playlist mereka.


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[4th Fanfiction Contest] Desiderabilis – zero404error



a ficlet mix by zero404error

Starring : [17’s] Xu Minghao, Wen Junhui, Jeon Wonwoo, Lee Chan; [BTS’s] Kim Namjoon; [The Ark’s] Jeon Minju

Duration: Ficlet || Rating: PG 15

Genre: AU, Historical, Friendship, Marriage Life, Romance, Scifi, Distopia

I own nothing except the plot!


Pukul tiga, dini hari, dan aku selalu terjaga



[Xu Minghao X Wen Junhui]

Based on Nanking massacre Desember 1937


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